About Us

  • When We Put Our Minds Together With Yours, Great Things Can Happen!

Welcome to Actus Sales Intelligence, where we help you sell smarter. However, it only happens when we work together to define a strategy, implement solutions to reach your goals and put the gears in motion. You know your business, industry and challenges, which when combined with our business knowledge and expertise in the area of sales, we can accomplish great things.

As a world class provider of strategic sales solutions, specializing in helping smaller to mid-size agencies, we are here to help you with:

  • + Process Improvement Through Strategic Consulting.
  • + Provide Training Designed for the Individual – We develop the characters within your sales staff.

  • + Better Follow Up Processes.

  • + Targeted Lead Generation.

  • + Executive Sales Staff Recruiting.

  • + More Impactful Sales Collateral.

  • + Powerful Sales Tools for Better Communication.

At Actus, we are dedicated to helping you grow and drive greater sustainability throughout your organization. After all, all small business managers and owners are concerned about the future of their companies. For some, that means they're worried about making payroll next month or they're worried about some other financial liability associated with their business. For others, they are concerned about developing an "exit" strategy, which may mean retirement, transition of leadership or some other long-term strategy. Go For the Gold with Team ActusAt Actus, we strive to provide the tools to help in the one area many of these firms struggle, which is also the area where it is critical to succeed to achieve the aforementioned goals. That process is sales.

We can help you create a business model that is prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. Let us help you create an environment where your sales team members are motivated, energized and engaged in driving toward the goals you've provided. The end result is an even stronger platform for the future. Let us show you how we can help you grow, as well as gain stronger name recognition. In the race for market share, you need to have your strongest team running. Clearly an endurance race, we'll help you develop a strategy to outlast the competition. Go for gold with Actus Sales Intelligence and sell smarter.


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