The Actus Frog

Once during a family vacation, while exploring the Natural Bridge Caverns ( outside of San Antonio, Texas, we were greeted by an unexpected visitor. While hiking 180 feet below ground, we noticed a small tree frog had landed upon my daughter's shoulder. She was only 2 years old at the time, and while her first inclination was to cry, she ended up laughing and finding the experience a thrill. We were in an area where no animals were to be found, except for some bats and a few creepy crawly bugs and worms. Somehow this little frog had made the journey down and was exploring on his own, which made me appreciate his fortitude.

I've always liked frogs, growing up surrounded by bodies of water (lakes, a river, creeks, ponds), and used to love the sound of bullfrogs croaking in the evening and early morning hours. As a child, we'd catch and play with them, often having our own frog races, which always ended up with a safe return to where we found them. It wasn't until I had children where I truly understood the adaptability and strength of these little green creatures. While my daughter had a unique encounter with a tiny tree frog, my son had a different one, which was more eye opening. I remember seeing tadpoles when I was younger and as they grew to transform from water dwelling to land dwelling, it always seemed like such an interesting transformation, but one I definitely took for granted. That is, until my son came home from a day of museum school, where they had talked about the versatility and adaptability of the frog, going from a tiny egg which transforms to a water dwelling tadpole, later becoming a truly amphibious adult frog, able to live both on land and water. It's really an exciting journey, for those who are fortunate enough to survive.

It made me realize that Actus Sales Intelligence helps sales people, business owners and other professionals make significant transformations, as well. Learning to adapt to the ever changing, highly competitive and challenging market place is something that rivals the transformation of our green friend. A symbol of transformation, adaptability and survival, the frog was the perfect mascot to represent our brand. We're proud of the Actus Frog and what he represents. Plus my kids love that they played a part in bringing him to life. I hope you enjoy him as much as we do.



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