Marketing Research

Did you know that Paul Kirch, CEO, has served the marketing research industry for more than 24 years? Did you also know that marketing research is an industry that provides services to almost every other industry in existence? After serving in an operations role for one of the largest and well known marketing research agencies, Paul built a reputation as an accomplished sales professional, sales leader and now business owner. During that time, he has worked with telecommunication agencies, technology firms, sales organizations, healthcare, insurance, accounting and various other companies in other industries.

What does this mean to you? The team at Actus is built around flexibility. While many of our clients come from the marketing research industry, we've been successfully working with firms from other backgrounds, including start-up organizations or entrepreneurs who are early in their journey of business ownership. While we don't profess to be generalists, our adaptability allows us to help you achieve success, no matter your background. In part, because we're able to ask the right questions, develop an understanding and leverage internal and external resources to provide the best solutions and direction possible.

The marketing research industry has provided many blessings to Paul, but it has also laid a foundation that continues to provide strength across our company, which translates to better services to our clients and partners. In addition, we've strategically aligned ourselves with partners who have a vastly different background of experiences, such as Sales Training and Results, Inc., 360ROI, Acrowit, Inc.. This means a more rounded offering to you and your team.



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