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When research panel recruiting meets the digital age, amazing things can happen.

Paul Kirch is a 24+ year veteran of the marketing research industry. Though today he is known as a sales coach, entrepreneur and business leader, he started his career in marketing research in 1990, working for the Gallup Organization, where he spent 10 years. In 2000, he embarked on a career in sales, which created an incredible foundation for success as a sales leader. It also allowed him to be a pioneer in the early days of online research. For the next 9 years he was responsible for consulting and selling internet based research and panel solutions through companies like Harris Interactive, Common Knowledge Research and Toluna. So, when it came time for Actus to expand its offerings, panel recruiting and management solutions seemed the perfect fit. However, we didn't want to just offer another vanilla solution. Our focus is highly responsive and credible respondents. Using triple opt-in recruiting, leveraging mobile verified strategies; we're able to ensure an engaged and responsive respondent pool. This is just one of the many unique selling propositions that give us an edge. With customized solutions available, we can help meet the needs of anyone trying to expand their ability to conduct accurate and reliable online research.


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